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Granite's Top-Selling Features

Granite was produced approximately 200 million years ago.x
Highly heat resistant
Granite will not deteriorate or burn when exposed to hot pots and pans unlike man-made surfaces which contain a certain percentage of petrochemicals such as plastic.
Naturally beautiful
Granite has a crystal-like, elegant appearance which is attributed to its formation from rising lava which solidified and cooled down slowly over millions of years under Earth’s crust before reaching the surface.
Long-lasting polished finish
The crystal-like appearance combined with a high-quality sealant keeps granite countertops shining for years.
Chip, blister and scratch resistant
Granite is the hardest stone found in nature next to the diamond.
Stain resistant
Granite has low porosity and once sealed by Trans Atlantic has high stain-resistant properties.
Mold and mildew resistant
Granite is not susceptible to mold or mildew due to its low porosity (0.4 – 1.5%)

Granite Countertop Benefits

Houston Texas Granite Kitchen Countertops Specialist

Granite is the most durable of all natural materials
used for home and commercial décor.  Normal kitchen knives, cutlery,

and cookware can all be used on granite countertops without scratching
the surface.  In fact, the only igneous rock capable of cutting granite is the
diamond.  Other man-made surfaces such as Formica, Wood Veneer, Corian,
Silestone, and Avanza do not match up to the qualities found in granite.