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3-In-1 Spray Cleaner

Ready to use spray cleaner

for all stone and ceramic kitchen tops

113M – Professional Quality for Natural Stone and Terrazzo

1.Cleans, Polishes, Protects

2.Clean, fresh smell

3.Provides elegant gloss

4.Also for polished metals

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•Dust surfaces frequently.

•Blot up spills immediately.

•Clean your stone surface with a few drops of neutral cleaner, stone soap, or mild dishwashing liquid and warm water.

•Use a soft, clean rag to clean the granite.

•Be sure to rinse after washing with the soap solution and dry with a soft, clean cloth.

Take care to not use too much soap, as this may leave a film and cause streaks.

•Refrain from using products that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids to prevent scratches on the granite.

•Avoid using scouring powders or creams which may scratch the surface of granite due to their harsh abrasives.

•Don't mix bleach and ammonia; this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas.

•For granite in bathrooms - To minimize soap scum, a squeegee should be used after use of granite bathroom surfaces. If a soap-scum remover is used, it should be non-acidic.

 Granite Countertop Care

 By Houston & Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Granite Specialists

 To maintain the beauty of your granite for years to come, just refer to the following tips.